On The Hunt in Japan: Mzo’s Top 10 Games List!

Hiya, Dinky here! Tonight I am passing the blog over to my fiance, Mzo! I asked him to share his top games wishlist for our trip to Tokyo and why he’s eager to find them. Take it away, babe! (^_^)/


How Dinky imagines Mzo during their vacation to Japan.

Since we’re just a couple of weeks shy of our Japan trip, I thought it’d be fun to list out the top games I’ll be hunting for during our stay. There are definitely many, many other games on the list but I’m narrowing this down to the ones I want the most and am limiting myself to just one game per system. Some are common and some are rare, but I’m hoping to find each and every one of these and bring them home.

Famicom – Splatterhouse: Wanpaku (Naughty) Grafitti

Wanpaku Grafitti.jpg

The 2nd game released in the Splatterhouse series and the only one to stay in Japan, this game is quite the oddity. The art style features super deformed, cutesy characters with some horror bite, and the story has a more comedic bend to it. It comes in an awesome clamshell case as well, much like Namco’s other Famicom games.

Famicom Disk System – Doki Doki Panic


This might be an obvious choice, but I’ve just never come across a good deal for this game complete. This is the original collaboration game between Nintendo and Fuji Television to commemorate their Yume Kojo ‘87 (Dream Factory ‘87) event and starring a family of characters created especially to advertise the event. This is the game that was famously reworked into the US’s Super Mario Bros. 2 when the real SMB 2 was deemed too hard for Western audiences.

PC Engine – Valkyrie no Densetsu (Legend of Valkyrie)


The only time we saw a release of this Namco property here in the US was on the 5th volume of Namco Museum on the Playstation, and I don’t think it made too big of a splash. This is a port of the arcade same arcade game, a hack-and-slash/shooter, overhead action game with platforming elements in the same vein as Pocky and Rocky.

Mega Drive – Bare Knuckle III


While this game did get a US release as Streets of Rage 3, much of it was changed and censored in the translation. From an extremely flamboyant boat captain boss fight to significantly tweaked difficulty, the Japanese game is the better experience.

Super Famicom – Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka (The New Hot-blooded Tough Guy: The Eulogy of Kunio’s Gang)


Everyone loves River City Ransom on the NES, but not everyone knows it’s just one game in a long-running Japanese series. This is the 4th Super Famicom Kunio game and it’s pretty amazing. It’s a prequel to River City Ransom and surprisingly story-heavy. The graphics are amazing and look very different from the super-deformed style we’ve seen in the games that were brought over.

Playstation – Panzer Bandit


I love belt-scrolling beat-’em-ups, and this one looks fantastic. Colorful and cartoony graphics with a lot of inspiration from Guardian Heroes. I don’t know much about it because I stopped paying attention as soon as I saw it for the first time. I want it and I’ll learn more about it when I have it.

Sega Saturn – Bubble Symphony


Everyone loves Bubble Bobble! This is that classic game re-imagined on far more advanced hardware and 4 playable characters. It looks gorgeous and makes for a great co-op game.

Dreamcast – Rez


Rez is one of my favorite games and the Dreamcast is one of my favorite systems. It’s only fitting that I want to play the original release.

Playstation 2 – Monster World Complete Collection


The Monster World series is one of my favorites in all of gaming, and this M2-developed collection is comprehensive. It features not just the arcade game releases but also any existing Master System, Game Gear, and Genesis port of each included game. It even has the SG-1000 port of Wonder Boy!

Xbox – Metal Wolf Chaos


Living in the darkest timeline with the worst possible President has fueled my interest in a fictional world with the best possible President. From Software’s satirical explosion-fest features President Michael Wilson fighting back against an evil Vice-President’s plot the only way that makes sense: in a giant mech suit.

WonderSwan – Rockman and Forte


Mega Man is easily my favorite video game character and playing each and every one of the dozens of mediocre-to-awesome games that Capcom released back when they gave a shit about him is definitely on my bucket list. This isn’t a port but a sequel to the Super Famicom’s Rockman and Forte that takes advantage of the WonderSwan’s design by including horizontal and vertical levels. It looks really bad! I want it.

Of course there are hundreds of other games I’ll be keeping an eye out for and many more I hope to discover, but these are just a few off the top. There’ll be plenty of updates with pictures and more after the trip!


Until next week!

-Dinky (and Mzo)

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