Dinky Reflects: Nintendo Switch

Since this blog only updates on Sunday, I am grateful to have had time to think for a few days before actually sharing my complete thoughts on Nintendo’s announcement. At first, I vented on my FB that the presentation felt lackluster, awkward and drudged up memories of the Wii and it’s gimmicky motion control fetish. I was also disappointed at how few games they actually announced, especially at launch, and I still believe this will hurt the Switch when it becomes available. Sure, the gamers and Nintendo fanboys have all jumped on their pre-orders, but those sales alone will not guarantee the longevity of the system. It really does feel like the Wii all over again- at least for now.

However, I am going to put aside my disappointments and concerns for the rest of this entry and share what I am still excited about as a Nintendo fan.

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch day is reason enough alone for a Zelda fangirl like myself to purchase the system right out of the gate.

This game looks gorgeous and seems to be a welcome departure from the more repetitive concepts in past Zelda titles (and could well make up for the terrible trash fire that was Skyward Sword in my eyes).

Alsc2cfrs_usaaxs3ho, I am overjoyed to see that the Zelda of this universe is given a more adventures outfit featuring PANTS. In the trailer, she appears to be a bit over-the-top in her fragility and is seen sobbing into Link’s arms. I do hope they don’t make her too much of a damsel in distress this time around.

My favorite kind of Zelda is strong, wise, nearly stoic in her grace and collected. It seems there has been a shift to make her more anime-heroine-ish and it bugs me. It really does. (;¬_¬)

That aside, I am 90% positive that I will not leave my house, call out of work sick and die of starvation and/or sleep deprivation from playing Breath of the Wild nonstop when it comes out!

2. Super Bomberman R wasn’t really spoken of during the announcement, but holy gods if it doesn’t look amazing.


To be honest, I’ve never been crazy good at Bomberman, but I really adore the style of it and have a lot of fun playing it with friends. This is definitely be something to look forward too!

maxresdefault-13. The Dad Bowser and Parental Controls video makes me giddy in ways I can only explain as wannabe mom syndrome. As a woman gamer who dreams of having little gamer children one day, the ability to easily monitor and set restrictions on my kid’s gaming from anywhere is incredibly reassuring and smart. I absolutely love the idea of using technology to aid parenting in a world where our children are using devices of all kinds at a younger and younger age. It is honestly quite frightening, so anything like this gives me a much needed feeling of relief!

nintendo_switch_parental_controls.0.jpg  I also super love the visual of Bowser being a grumpy, concerned father who wants his kid to have fun but also spend time with him and make sure he doesn’t overindulge in games. I mean, how can I ever be mad at him for kidnapping Princess Peach after this? He’s probably just desperately looking for a good female role model to have in Jr’s life. Forget Mario, Peach. Dad Bowser is where it’s at, gurl!

4. Region Free Gaming.


5. SplatoSplatoon-2-Boxart.jpgon 2 is making a lot of people excited, and I am happy that this IP exists. I’m going to be completely honest with everyone and admit that I am personally not a fan of playing Splatoon, but it really was a necessary installment to broaden Nintendo’s gaming horizons.

My hope is that Nintendo continues to create fresh new games like this one and not just continually remake the same old IPs over and over into oblivion. New Zeldas and Marios are great, but it’s so important that we get new series that are made with just as much love as the old ones.

I mean, come on, the concept of this game world is so original and awesome!! O(≧▽≦)O

6. Tiny baby game cards make me want to scream until I pop.









7. Super Mario Odyssey.

Holy crap. Yes. YES!


This is what I am the most excited about! A NEW MARIO GAME THAT IS FULL OF WEIRDNESS. It’s clear to me from the trailer and by the title that this new Mario adventure will have him travelling to many different worlds beyond that of the Mushroom Kingdom variety. Everything shown in the video was strange and unfamiliar and overall a breath of fresh air for our favorite plumber!


While some people cringed at the sight of Mario in a “New York” type of city with normal looking humans, I was overjoyed to see Mario being alienated from his Americanized heritage of being from the Big Apple. Based on the visual clues, some have speculated that the city is related to a Donkey Kong world more than a city in our world, but I honestly don’t care too much about those details. Watching Mario scale cityscapes, wander through mysterious giant forests, leap over odd pastel foods and journey to a colorful, Dias de los Muertos inspired village had me shaking in my seat with an intense hysteria that only my fellow crazed fans will understand.

The things I love most about the Mario franchise have always been those of the more extraordinary variety. I adore the offbeat characters in Mario RPG and Paper Mario games and crave the grand and fantastic scope of the Galaxy games. I am also a huge fan of the charming spin-off character series featuring Luigi and Yoshi more than most of the standard core installments. It’s perhaps easy to better understand  why I am highly anticipating Odyssey and all of it’s quirky design choices with this in mind.

Speaking of Luigi, I wonder if he will make an appearance in this game at all?

Anyway, enough of me and my opinions. What are you most excited about after the Switch Announcement? ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ


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