Dinky’s Wishlist of Kawaii Video Game Stuff

As an American, I am no stranger to the desire to own more crap than necessary to survive, especially when it comes to cool video game junk. Though our puny studio apartment is already packed to the brim with retro games, toys and enough Amiibos to start a tiny, adorable army with, I still have a rapacious void in my terrible human heart to buy, buy, BUY! Since I am indeed mortal, I feel it is my duty to get my hands on as much clutter as possible before death, so that I may expire upon a mountain of nerdy relics like some sad mockery of Smaug upon his Dwarven treasure. This is the dream, people. To live as Smaug lived and die as such.

Joking (or am I?) aside, I thought I’d share with you some items from my personal wishlist of video game associated items, in no particular order of demand.

1. Japan Only Light Blue Sega Game Gear


Yes, I am a Sega fangirl. And also yes, I loved my Game Gear when I was a kid. While everyone else was playing away on their Nintendo handhelds, I was lugging around a suitcase full of my Game Gear and all of its experience enhancing accessories. While this Japan only version is rarer and a bit more expensive than I’d prefer to spend, it still sits on my list of wants and dreams.

2. Tails Adventure, Game Gear


Speaking of Game Gear, owning a CIB copy of Tails Adventure is rather high on my radar for collecting. As a gamer, I have my regrets when it comes to games I lost or gave away in my foolish youth, and this is one of them for me. Tails Adventure is a sorely underappreciated little game and a personal favorite of mine. English or Japanese, I want this one!

3. WonderSwan (Basic, Color and Crystal versions)


When it comes to wanting things most other gamers could care less about, I am the Queen of Junk. The WonderSwan is a Japan only handheld developed by Gunpei Yokoi’s studio Koto Laboratory in collaboration with Bandai, and the system saw three models and lasted only about 4 years before being discontinued. While not the most dazzling or advanced handheld of it’s time, the WonderSwan still sparks my interest and sits rather high on my wishlist.

4. Hello Kitty Sega Dreamcast (Pink version)


God, I am literally one of those annoying girly gamers who wants to own everything pink and cute as shit. Look at this flipping Dreamcast! I hate it so much that I will purchase it on the spot when I find one of these suckers in Japan! GUH!!

5. Cardcaptor Sakura Gameboy Color


I really feel like my life would be easier if this didn’t exist. Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my all time favorite anime and I truly hate that this Gameboy is not in my possession.

6. Chulip, PS2

Weird games are really right up my alley, and this little oddity from Natsume is one of those titles I have been curious about for a few years now. The price has been slowly climbing recently so I should probably snatch this up while I can still afford it…

7. Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken, Sega Mega Drive


While we never got this in America, we did get a rehashed version called Decap Attack for the Genesis that doesn’t look nearly as cute as the original. I adore the aesthetics of this game and would really love to own it before it gets too expensive!

8. London Seirei Tantei-dan, PS


I’m blaming Jimmy Hapa for this one as I was blissfully unaware of this charming little game before he decided to review it. While I would need an emulated version in English to enjoy this title to the fullest, I’d still like to have a hard copy around to plug in now and again. You can view Jimmy’s review for this game here: Import Gaming FTW

9. Avalon Code, Nintendo DS


This is another one of those games that I already owned but somehow mysteriously lost along the way. I never hear anyone talking about this delightful RPG and it seems to have slipped under the radar as most games produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto often do (such as a personal all time favorite series of mine called Rune Factory). I need to nab this one and give it another play through so I can share more detailed thoughts about it!

10. And many, many more…

The list of games goes on and on, where it ends remains to be seen. What games or consoles do you dream about owning?

Until next week!



Art by John Howe

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