Planning For Tokyo & DQ Builders

2016-10-10_15.28.06 (1).jpg

I can hardly believe it!

I have dreamed of visiting Japan since I was a kid and now it is finally going to become a reality. Mzo and I will be heading to the far East in late February of 2017, just a mere 4 and a half months away! Needless to say, we have planned much of our time around video game hunting and other nerdy activities all over Tokyo with a possible day trip outside of the city. I have found myself nearly obsessed with mapping out our trip and spend mostly all of my free time reading travel blogs and watching YouTube videos so that I have a better understanding of the places we intend to go. There is this itching fear that I may miss something and regret it later, and I have a notebook full of notes, maps and possible itineraries to make the absolute most of our week there. The more I find the more I wish we were going for longer!

Thankfully, my brain will finally get a chance to relax starting tomorrow. There is a new game on the horizon that I have been absolutely DYING to play!


So, I am quite certain that starting tomorrow I will not be thinking about Japan for at least a little while thanks to Dragon Quest Builders! After devouring the demo last week, I got the familiar sensation through my body that screamed “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO DO ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT PLAY THIS FOREVER”. I have had this feeling with other similar games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Skyrim, Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life and other massive collecting/growing/building games such as these and know from experience that I will become engrossed without control for months on end. These types of games are akin to a highly addictive drug for me and I couldn’t be happier to finally have something new to play. Goodbye, reality!

Crap, I have to go to work now so this will be cut short! Expect a DQ Builders diary from me soon! \(T∇T)/


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