I’ve been considering starting a blog for gaming and other nerdy things that I find interesting for quite a while now, but just haven’t found the time or a good place to start. Since I am currently working full time and also in college, I thought I’d start easy and use WordPress without any specific deadlines. I’ll play when I can and update as the time becomes available! \(^ω^\)

In the past, I was constantly aiming too high for what was realistic to achieve and kept burning out before I finished anything. As a result, I was constantly feeling like I had failed or frustrated that I was wasting the opportunity to share my thoughts with the gaming community. As our game library expands and we continue playing through it, Mzo (my small boyfriend) and I want to document our journey and discuss the experience with others.

I don’t know exactly where this blog will lead, but I’m sure it will be fun no matter what! I hope to make a few friends along the way, so here’s to Dreamland Arcade! ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ


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